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Jun 19, 2011

Hello. I am a slightly pudgy, slightly greying, slightly middle aged happily married woman with four sons that seem to be turning out to be great guys. I am blessed. We bought our house in what was a really small tourist/rural town near the foothills of the Rocky Mountains of Canada about fifteen years ago. The boys have now reached ages that I no longer have to wear a referee's shirt and have returned gratefully to my garden. My husband does not seem to mind mowing less and everyone likes the white tomato sauce. To get those white tomatoes I deal with a 95 day long season, that is a zone 2b/3a...I want a hoop house. Which will have to wait until the bake oven is done, and then that will have to wait for the rains to stop, and then I will have to give everything a good weed and mulch. I am a great believer in mulch. I also have to weed the berry hedge, clean out the pond well really more puddle, and there's at least a flat of herbs the last of the spring plantings. We had our last frost here June the 7th....yep June. Last year I had a decent snow in July....gotta love our weather. I have a community garden in the front yard, and a corn hedge. I grow heirloom varieties, I demonstrate container gardens and talk passionately about food, plants, seeds, soils and water. About how you don't need a lot of room, how this can be great and it tastes better...all the other stuff just a bonus. I have rain barrels, I recycle, I have a smoker in the garage, I can, freeze. dry, and still am trying to get a decent sauerkraut made I write letters to governments when they are stupid and I ask them why. Love making wines, my one son makes a wicked beer. The neighbors have Auracana chickens, I want buff Chanteclars and I want to design a chicken tractor I can move through my garden on my raised beds to clean up, fertilize etc my garden...I also want meat rabbits. I believe in Victory gardens and have a great antique book that tells me how to convert my garden for wartime.... Well that is me Cheers Bina

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