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Canning stewed tomatoes in Dec with Christmas decorations everywhere in my home!

Dec 10, 2010

Really, Our greenhouse is so full of tomatoes and peppers (red,yellow,and green). I had to do something with these vegetables today! I am just amazed, because Im used to be doing this in the summer but never in the winter. LOL


I have a about 10 acre of cleared land, the rest is in trees, mostly young pines. I have a pear tree, plum,2 apples,an apricot, acherry, 4 grapes, a butternut, a mulberry, 2 figs, 2 muscadine,6 blakbeeries,a dewberry, 20 blue berries, a goose berry, a currant, a japanese persimmons, more raspberries then I can count. Most of my trees are to young to bear. But only about 1600 square feet of growing space. I use coffee chaff as compost because one it rots with in weeks & is free in large amounts. I have 5 dump truck loads on my land now. The company does not want to ship it to the landfill, so I get it free. What kind of compost do you use? I grow asparagus, jerusalem artichoke,horseradish, nesting onions. What do you grow, besides tomatoes & peppers? Joel
I only have 2 apple trees and 2 pear trees, and blackberriy bushes and 2 blueberry bushes. I just learned that Starbucks for many years has given their coffee grinds to farmers, so I am getting ready to contact them. I have 2 composts piles, and one of the bins has the tea coming out. I am going to try to sell that in the spring at a Farmers Market. We want to start one here, I have to contact local farmers and see who is interested. My garden is all organic, with compost, straw and all organic fertilizers, that I buy from local seed and feed stores. I grown all kinds of vegetables. I hope you preserve all that fruit. I canned apple butter, apple and pear preserves, and apple pie filling this summer and fall. I want to try growing asparagus. I just started growing garlic. I have been reading a lot about how to grow asparagus. I want to find some good ones to plant. I can wait 2-3 years, that is what I hear and read anyway. Farmers have to have good patience and God has given that to me. Happy gardening, Ann
Hi Ann I used to get coffee grounds from Starbucks a few years ago. They don,t charge either as it is waste to them. Its good stuff but a little on the acid side of neutral. Better for potatoes and strawberries. You need to mix it with a little ground limestone if using on brassicas. I started putting it on the Rhodendrons in the garden and they loved it, we've had beautiful flowers for years now. The main problem i had with the whole arrangement was the shop managers used to change on a regular basis. So you would go down on a Saturday morning and they would have dumped it all instead of saving it. In the end i gave up, i reckon though i had about a 1/4 of a ton from them in all. Glenn
Most of my fruit trees/vines have just begain to bear or will bear in a year or so. But you are right, it will be a job! But anything I can not put up, I have 4 families right there to caught the over flow. The raspberries have ran wild in my backyard. They root on the tips ove the canes in the fall. These raspberries are runner not up right northren type. So I need to put the canes up on a line so no more will root. Joel

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