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Will copper collars work to control slugs?

Apr 29, 2011

Its hard to see in this photo, but there is a copper slug barrier around this plant. It was designed to keep slugs away, but it didn't work on my broccoli plants. Check out all of my posts on dealing with slugs on my blog, located here. 


I had a fight with slugs two years ago and placed containers of cheap beer all over the garden. Every morning I would find about a dozen slugs in the beer. I also read on the old KGI site a gardener used the comfrey leaves to catch slugs in the garden. I know how much of a pain it is to see those suckers eating most of your plants. For that reason I hung my strawberry baskets on a sycamore tree in the backyard. Most of my gardening is done in containers, so far I have not seen them around. I seem to believe the the birds are eating them. Good luck with your effort dealing with them.
It looks like that is a Slug Shield and I think you're supposed to wrap it around the stem, not just put in on the ground. I don't think it would work buried in the dirt as I see in your photo? I have used these this year with very good success and I like them. They are non-toxic and last through rain, etc. for a long time.
And the rain is pounding here, I've removed the dirt off the slug collars several times. There's no way to keep it off. And attaching it to the stem would damage the plant, because it is so abrasive. Copper just doesn't work here. I've tried many different ways. It is a myth that it works. Maybe we have different species slugs, I don't know. But for anyone thinking of spending so much money on copper shields, I say find another solution.
I just went to their website and they do say that the shield expands with plant growth. They have not hurt my plants at all. I really think the effectiveness of this barrier has to do with the application. It seems they were designed to be put on in this 'wrapping' fashion.

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