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Assessing my garden's sun exposure

Nov 03, 2010

I just wrote a great post on my blog about how the sun's position in the sky and the shadowing trees change the sun exposure in my garden.


I assume it is ok to talk about our personal blogs here? 


Feel free to crosspost excerpts or entire posts with us. Some bloggers are worried about a duplicate content penalty being assessed in their page rank, but Google has done its best to debunk that myth. What would be nice is to post enough info to our site so that readers get a sense of what you have to share. Those who want to learn more will follow your link. Another incentive for including more (a photo and a few paragraphs) rather than less is that I include excerpts from some KGI blog posts each month in the e-newsletter along with a link to the blogger's own blog if she or he has one. Our enews goes out to roughly 20,000 people. Thanks for posting, Roger
That's helpful information. I will implement your advice. I've signed up to take the local Master Gardener through Oregon State this winter, and plan on writing a lot about it, mostly on my blog but I'm happy to provide information here as well. Also, I noticed on the question and answers page that some of the questions have a reply button and others do not. I was looking over the information provided for the onion family (leeks, garlic, etc.) and thought that much more information about their growing requirements should probably be included for those who haven't grown them before. Is there a way to include more comments? Thanks! Amy
all questions should allow for comments so that people can add to answers or offer better ones, but I see that some of the questions don't have the comments feature enabled. I'll have a look and see if I can turn them all on in one go.

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