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A Quart in a Pint Pot.

Oct 21, 2010

This is a picture i took recently of the bottom of my garden. It is sort of my orchard, as there are five apple trees and a small pear tree in this part of the garden. All five apple trees i inherited when i bought the house 25 years ago. [ Mainly cookers]

The picture is taken from the top of my shed roof, when i was up there recently cutting the large beech hedge that hides the shed from the house. The garden is pretty well packed to the gunnels. Up until about three years ago we also managed to fit a trampoline in as well, believe it or not. We joked that ours sons favourite move was the 'Flowerbed Flip'.

When the trampoline went i installed two 8' x 4' deep beds for growing salads and cut flowers, although this year one bed was mainly taken up with a trombone squash. The pond was also relined this year as it had started to leak. Probably due to a few of my sons friends standing in it by accident, when they had parties down here. [Out of sight out of mind.]

Next year the perimeter of the pond will become overgrown, but it is now quite bare. The pond is a haven for frogs, but it needs to accumulate some detritus in the bottom before they will return in numbers. This summer we sat in the little house and watched a female blackbird fly down, pick up a baby frog, hop out onto the stones, dissect the said frog and fly off to feed its babies. A pity really as i would prefer more frogs than blackbirds.

My greenhouse is in the foreground where i propagate all of the vegetables that plant out on the allotment. This time of year [ Early October ] you can get some nice clear days for photography.


I'm happy that you had to get on top of the shed, so that you photographed and posted this picture. The title is fitting for this superb use of space. I always heard of the English and their gardens; now I'm convinced. Just lovely. Stay natural, David
I like your use of circular forms with your big, round fruit trees. Also like your operable skylights on your gardening shed. Do they give you any problems? I am thinking of adding some to an east roof for east light & of course get only dire warnings. But I know - you have to enlist the right craftsman.
Happy people do not necessarily have everything - they just make the most of everything they have. . Every day has 1,444 moments and it is up to us to see the joy in the small and simple things that come our way. If you are consumed with your past, or worry about your future or fret about what you dont have ,time will come and go without you consciously living life the way it is meant to be lived - one moment at a time. You will miss the experiences of living today . The more you live every moment , the more there is in life to celebrate. Making the most of each moment and what you have. Tomorrow is never promised and the only true reality is the present moment. Enjoy yours 'Quart in pint pot moments.' Best Wishes, Salma.
I always love visting your garden. I can feel the breeze on my face & hear the song birds. You must have the Fey in your garden, or at least, a pixie or two. As wonderful as it is now, It must be breath taking with the fruit trees in full bloom. Thank you for be a great host, Joel
Thankyou everyone for your comments. There is a tendency to take for granted things [and people] that are near to hand. I suppose i am lucky having my own 'Secret Garden'.

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