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Family Apple Trees

Mar 27, 2010

If you always fancied one of those family apple trees with two or more different types of apple, then now is the time to do it. Its not difficult either if you work on the assumption that you will get about a 33% success rate. You will need a very sharp knife. [Stanley Knife] some raffia [straw like stuff] and some grafting wax, or electrical tape, [to keep out the rain] It works best with proper grafting wax. If you have a cooking apple tree in the garden and your friends have a nice juicy red eater then you can graft a few of their shoots onto your tree. You need to cut some 8" to 10" pieces off their tree asap, put them in a plastic bag and keep them in the fridge. When the buds start to burst on your tree, this shows that the sap is rising and is the ideal time for grafting. The pieces in the fridge will be held back and will not be in growth. Cut back a small branch on the tree and cut the end at approx 30 degrees. Cut your scion pieces to about 6" long and put a matching 30 degee cut on the end. If the pieces are different diameters then make sure you align one edge as that is where the cambium is. Press the two parts together and tie together with rafia. Cover the rafia and the joint fully with grafting wax. If after about a month the scion has started to grow then you have suceeded. Don,t do anything to the graft, the rafia and wax will drop off in their own good time. PS: You need to heat the grafting wax so take an old container and a flask of boiling water to heat the container of wax. PPS: This also works with pear trees, although i have never done it.

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