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Dig In

Mar 05, 2011

This is a useful link to the 'Dig In' wesite. 'Dig in' is a campaign that has been running for a couple of years now in the UK, where they are tying to encourage people to grow their own vegetables. There are useful little videos that show the beginner and especially children what to do.

I,m not sure what the BBC allows to be shown in other parts of the world. Hopefully they have made them available to all.



I had not problem, everything looks good. Thanks,Glenn.
Thanks Glen, I shall have a look later. Anyway hi Glen and Joel, I have been busy with old folks and being a granny and eating our yummy summer tomatoes and basil but hope to get back to reading this site more often. Have fun in your gardens I guess you both have summer seedlings started. We have not planted our winter veggie seeds yet. We always let a couple of each plant we grow go to seed so we always have lots of veggies just pop up on there own. This works well in our small garden. We also have 5 underground bucket worm farms, so when we spead the castings around there is seed in that, but that is another long story for another day. We are having lovely Autumn warm weather here in South Australia, no rain like Gillian has had. Cheers for now Maggie
Hi Maggie Its good to hear from you, i,m glad you are well. You will have to do a blog on the bucket worm farms, i,ve not tried those yet. Are you still delivering letters for the old lady down the street? Happy Gardening. Glenn
Hi Glen, I post letters for my Mum several times a week mybe this is what I mentioned, she is 90. I miss the old site and have lost track with all the people form The Gardening in Australia group except Gillian, Jane from Kapunda Garden and Kate. I cannot view those video's, pity. I still blog on the Hills and Plains Seedsavers blog when I have time. I also arrange regular Seed Swaps for over 100 people and usually have about 30 attend. I spend lots of time with my grandson teaching him things about gardening, this is a great delight to me. Not many youngsters know what a dibber is or how you use it. I hope you are still busy growing healthy food for your family and extended family. I hope you have great summer crops in the coming months. Cheers Maggie
I love KGI, but fresh tomatoes & granchildren are a good reason to be off line. Glad you are having a good garden & a good time. Joel.

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