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vegetables at last

May 08, 2011

You will have to see my blog for photos to go with this -
At last I have a few vegetables forming in the garden - it seems to have taken forever. My baby butternut look just like the real thing, only very tiny :) I want to pick some when they are still quite small - in South Africa they make a kind of stew in a cast iron pot called a potjie. It is normally a mix of meat and vegetables, and they often have whole miniature vegetables in it - very yummy. Is it only me or is this the cutest little butternut ever?

the zucchini are also forming - I wanted them to ramble over a frame, but this one keeps heading the other way. I thought if it was over a frame it would stay drier with less chance of mildew problems. Already there is some powdery mildew and so far all I have done is remove those leaves and throw them away. If it gets any worse I will get out the milk and water spray. Now I don't want to get ahead of myself but I have heard stories of people being overwhelmed with lots and lots of zucchini so i have been trying out some recipes - check this one out

Because of all the bugs around I have been spraying pretty regularly with a chili garlic spray, and that seems to be working quite well. .
The ginger has started to flower and the leaves are turning brown but I am not going to harvest them - I just pick what I need and stick the growing portion back into the ground. Hopefully that works.

Little red flowers peek out of the sides - aren't they pretty?

This is my favourite time of the year - the humidity dies down, and the temperature is very mild, and suddenly we can grow what other people can grow. "normal" vegetables. Up next though is my troubles I have with tomatoes, but that deserves a whole post of its own.


Hi Glenn, It sounds as though you just saw the first video - not the one of my vegetable garden - here is the link to that. Since then my eggplant in the back has died - bacterial wilt is very bad in that section. I am so surprised that the one in the front does so well. I am not sure how long it will live, but if I was as clever as you with grafting I might try to graft another onto that good rootstock. you would probably need to grow eggplant there in a hothouse wouldnt you? I just used my regular camera on the video setting. It does keep re-adjusting the focusing, but at least you get the general idea. I just pretented someone was standing next to me, but then it is amazing how you forget the names of plants that you know perfectly well! I guess I should use u-tube as it is more user friendly, but that is yet another thing to learn! I am looking forward to some photos of your garden as your summer heats up. happy gardening, regards, Gillian g
Hi Gillian Watching your videos has inspired me to post mine on the internet. I was not happy at all about talking to a camera. In fact to put it in Yorkshire parlance 'I sound like a right twat'. Anyway it,s done now, here it is.
Hi Gillian, It was lovely to watch your video and hear you speak about your garden. Some time soon I shall do the same thing so our gardening friends can see our garden and hear my really Aussie accent! Might wait till a kookaburra arrives! We also have tropical plants growing in Adelaide as we dont even get frosts here on the plains. Have a great day Maggie
Hello Maggie, I havnt connected with you for a while, hope things are good with you. I guess that South African accent is with me to stay - I left there in 1979! I remember you did a video of the lorikeets in a tree nearby. arent we lucky to live here? Oh I thought it got quite cold there in the winter. we just pretend at winter up here :) take care Gillian
Good to hear from you too - glad you enjoyed the video! regards, Gillian
Good to hear from you again Gillian and I thoroughly enjoyed the visit to your garden.
Hi Gillian I really liked the little video of your garden. The perennial Aubergine [Eggplant] which keeps producing year after year is great. I wish i could get one to produce anything decent in the first year. I have tried to make these little videos as well, after getting my wife one of those little 'Flip' cameras for Christmas. I have real trouble talking to a camera though. I don,t know what it is about talking to a camera but i find it a real problem. Anyway, good luck with the gardening, and i await part 2 with anticipation. Glenn
Gillian, you're challenging everyone to be more creative, and that's wonderful. I'm even tempted to learn how to make a video, and for a technically challenged Texan, that's something. I, too, am beginning to get a few tomatoes, eggplant, and summer squash. Truly enjoyed my internet visit to your part of the world and strolling through your garden. Stay natural, David

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