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Leaving the garden in good hands

Jun 02, 2010



and I am ready to go......

leaving for a whole months holiday with my two daughters in America.  I have mulched and fertilized, and leaving with strict instructions for my hubby to make sure that he harvests the vegetables, as I dont want them to stop producing.  He is not an eggplant fan, and the eggplant have suddenly started producing.  My neighbours love them, so they will be happy. 

 There are also cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, lettuces, bok choy and herbs.  also passionfruit and pawpaw.  I think the silverbeet, beetroot, and cauliflower will take a bit longer.
I noticed over the weekend that my tree fern was looking very sad, with crisp dry leaves.

 The cause seems to be a kink in the soaker hose, which was preventing the water from getting to the plant.  All this time I thought I was watering, and it was only going half way!  I fixed the problem and gave everything a good long soaking.  I am not totally in love with soaker hoses, they seem to rot so easily, and if they get a kink, then they are likely to split open at that point.   Mine have lots of repairs with electrical tape, and I have also taped up the spots where the hose goes over a path so that I am not wasting water watering the paths.   I did find a couple of packets of watering spikes at the hardware store on special, and have plans when I return to rig up a better watering system in the vegetable garden, where I want lots of water very deep once or twice a week.  It will be good to have some projects to look forward to on my return.
Went for a last walk on our favourite beach and it was low tide, my favourite time to walk this beach.  Bits of coral reef are exposed and the beach seems to go on forever, long and flat and empty.

No wait, not quite empty - there were these little blue crabs - I know it is a bad photo - (hopefully when I get my new camera :) ....  the photography will improve)  they are so tiny about 2.5 cm or 1/2" long!


all sorts of plants are ready to bloom, the kalanchoe will soon be a mass of red blooms


and these lillies - I call them easter lillies but I know that is the wrong name,,,


the pointsettia is just beginning to turn colour too..... but I am leaving the garden in good hands, and will arrive back refreshed and renewed.

I will be having a break from blogging while away, see you all on my return.


Wonderful to have a gril day with your daughters.
Hi Gillian, Have a great time, we shall miss your articles.
Your photos are beautiful. Enjoy America and your children. Family is the most important thing, next to your religion if you're so inclined. Your garden is in good hands. I've had good watering results from "drip tape" with emitters every 6". Stay natural, David
Such nice photos

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