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Herb spiral update

Aug 31, 2010

Over the weekend we went shopping in the big city.  I got lost in the garden center. Well, I wasnt technically lost, and my hubby knew that was where he would find me when I lost track of time!
The herb spiral has become overgrown with mother of herbs. That is a tropical plant much like oregano, but all you need is one leaf in a pot of spaghetti bolognaise, so I probably have more than an ample supply for an Italian restuarant.  The comfrey off to the one side of the little path is doing well, despite - or maybe because of me continually cutting back the lower leaves for compost.



I found this cute litttle lemon thyme - the thyme I have grown from seed has always been rather spindly and I thought I might do better to buy the enitre plant,and maybe this lemon type will do better in the tropical climate.


Strawbery plants were on special, so a section mother of herbs was cut back to allow space for the strawberry plant.

as you can see most of my weeds are cherry tomatoes and pawpaws, a lot of which I let grow wherever they are unless they are really are in the way.  This pawpaw tree is going to have to be moved. 
Alongside the herb spiral is a mass of Italian parsley and dill, two herbs that I use a lot of, so they need a lot of room.  Mint and lemon balm are in the pots and the spearmint in the front hangs over and I keep weeding it back from other areas.  Garlic chives, rocket, stevia  and rosemary completes the list of my herbs in this little area.


I love your herb spiral, hope to have one next year. Nice lemon thyme, have to try mother of herb. HAPPY WATTLE DAY!!
I love seeing your garden Gillian, My mother of herb or 5 herbs in one is a bit sad looking from all the cold weather we have had but I am sure it will recover when the warm weather comes. You may be able to grow tulsu bush ( Holy Basil) as they grow it in Southern India. Cheers Maggie
Hi Maggie, it seems as though you cant kill mother of herb in this climate! Hopefully yours springs back. I think I have holy basil - does it have a slightly aniseed taste? we have not had any cool weather and now are heading straight into summer again! take care, Gillian
Thanks Joel, my herb spiral is at last getting better established, but I still have to keep an eye out for those horrible toads, who make a home in the center and push out all the soil! always something....
Hi Gillian Your comfrey does look really healthy. Did you get the sterile type? You can get more plants from root cuttings. Any little bit of root will grow. We are getting some cool nights now so i will be taking my last cut of the comfrey, which is now starting to look very mouldy with mildew. Glenn
I love the pictures Gillian. Thanks for sharing them.
Hi Everett, havnt been on this site for a while. good to see everyones posts
thanks for all the comments - we have had such a strange wet winter that I wonder what summer is going to be like. Glen, I am not sure what type of comfrey I have - that is why I originally just planted it in the pot, but then thought this spot would be good as it cant really spread. I have been using some leaves as mulch around my asparagus, but let them dry out a bit first. Just about ready to start harvesting that asparagus - it still produced during the winter but I left it alone so that the roots could build up. Have you ever saved and propogated your own asparagus seeds?
Hi Gillian I have never saved Asparagus seed. I know they have male and female plants, so my few plants may be male as i have not seen many red berries. I have grown plants from seed in the past, but i think you get better plants when you purchase the crowns. I have a narrow bed with raspberries, rhubarb, artichokes and asparagus in it, which is now rank with perennial weeds. This winter will be the big clean up where all the plants get dug up and the whole thing sorted out. I am not sure if asparagus like being dug up so we will have to see how they fare. If your asparagus does not die back due to frost, does it have a flush of new growth, or do new spears just appear at any time of the year?

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