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Drunken radishes

Apr 26, 2010

Friday, April 23, 2010

Drunken radish


My bok choy, radish and lettuce are coming up nicely, but seem to have long curved stems before the plant starts.  What could be causing this?  We have had a lot of rain lately and consequently very little sunshine.  Here you can see the detail on the radish stems.  They also dont seem to be developing a bulb.

I went though all the bok choy and mounded up the soil around the bases, so they were no longer falling over drunkenly, and removed some and planted them elsewhere so that they have room to grow.  I just left the radish alone, should I do the same thing to the radish?  Did I plant the seeds too close to the surface? I also have a cucumber already - wow they are quick!

The garlic chive flowers are so pretty and attract bees and butterflies.


I am not sure, but I suspect your 'drunken radishes' are not getting enough strong sunlight. They are doing like some housplants do when they don't have enough sunny light- sort of 'wandering about' as they grow, looking for more sun. That's my best guess. You know, bees just love cucumber flowers, and when you have bees on your cuke blooms, you get a lot of cucumbers as a result. Nice fat cuke there! :)
The radishes look like they are looking for more light. I do not think how deep you plant the seeds matter as long as they come up. I turned a bed last fall, then sowed the radish seeds on top of the soil. The only problem was that it rained before the seeds sprouted & washed them into all the small depression in the bed. So I had bare spots next to 10 or 15 radishes that was side by side. I did not thin untill radishes were 1/2 O.D., so I could eat them. It worked out well, after the radishes were thinned. This spring I planted them in rows.

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