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We Can All Make a Difference and Mckenna Shows Us How

Jun 30, 2014

Working to harvest the fresh veggies at the West Alice Community Garden has been a rewarding experience for Mckenna, currently our youngest garden volunteer.  Mckenna has a plot of her own where she grows healthy food to share with her family. The strawberries and carrots are her favorites!  

Mckenna doesn’t just work in her own bed.  She helps to harvest the “giving back” beds as well; while dropping off food at the food bank, she learned that not everyone in her neighborhood is as fortunate as she is.  “Lots of people need help,” she says.  “I like knowing that there’s something I can do to make a little bit of a difference.”    

She’s getting other people involved as well, her Girl Scout Troop put up a small community library in front of the garden.  The more people stop to check out or drop off a book, the more people learn about what the garden has to offer.  She is learning that a little bit of effort goes a long way.  When we work together, we can make a big difference.

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