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Cultivating Collaboration at the Tom Settlemire Community Garden

Jun 30, 2014

          Prentiss Weiss is a Master Gardener at the Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust’s Tom Settlemire Community Garden (TSCG) located in Brunswick, Maine. Drawing upon her skills as an artist and gardener she has constructed a beautifully arranged bed of leeks, lettuce, and tomatoes. At a young age Prentiss learned an appreciation for harvesting and tending gardens from her mother who was an organic gardener. Having led garden workshops in the past, Prentiss is now a mentor to a family at TSCG that is cultivating their first garden ever. She enjoys teaching and sharing her garden knowledge and says the partnership is a “very good experience for the family and for me. It’s such fun to share it with them and they’re always thanking me and I’m thanking them for giving me the opportunity. It works both ways.” Now equipped with gardening tools and the knowledge shared by Prentiss, the family prepares for their first harvest, and plans on donating vegetables to the local food pantry. Prentiss looks forward to her own harvest and remarks “it’s a wonderful wonderful project–both the Community Garden itself and working with somebody else. Helping the family is very rewarding.”

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