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Aug 27, 2013
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Hi friends……KGI Pakistan  organize an event for  kitchen gardeners in Pakistan in collaboration  with  Kitchen Gardeners International at day



We make an invitation card and also design an event FB page and try to share every person who have interest kitchen gardening we send open invitation every one that  come to join us . Press conference also arrange for this event.

Major Shahnawaz –ul-Hassan (pasban IT group& welfare centre) was the chief guest of this event.

Lectures on mushroom domestic growing  and kitchen gardening know how delivered by Dr Asif and Dr Irfan from agriculture university of Faisalabad. All participants enjoying the lectures mostly mushroom growing.

Some practical kitchen gardeners having beautiful kitchen gardens in their homes/factories.  


 also share their views with others participants , a beautiful and full of vegetables garden was also visit there by  all visitors.

Two national companies serving in kitchen gardening also display their stalls to guide the visitors. One company micro drip Lahore  for irrigation kitchen garden and second efficient seed company from Gujrawala  display  kitchen  gardening seeds packets.

Two vegetables attractions was made for visitors pleasures .  one luffa arch /gate and second a man made with brinjal ,

 So it was a model kitchen garden for participants. We call every gardeners  who have the passion to grow own vegetables and can share their experience others can come on stage .

after this all participants enjoy lunch containing vegetables.

Really it was a wonderful day for people This event  was also  a wonderful opportunity to spend a day with other people who are passionate about kitchen gardening. So it was a chance , do  group discussion,seasonal vegetables knowledge, received instructions on crop , growing technique ,preserving vegetable . home made foods, vegetables recopies , beauty tips with vegetables and  a lots…

We have  again a vegetable garden expo end week of February 2014. Confirm your joining

Our aim Connecting communities through food , farms and education.

So  come to join us  and we will prefer your suggestions   …………

Stay blessed

&happy gardening  

for more pictures of this mega event visit my fb page

also availabale on Flicker here is link



Hello Tariq Tanveer and kitchen gardeners from Pakistan, Congratulations for your Kitchen Garden day! :) Can you please share some photos with us? Thanks in advance and best regards. Zoltan from Elso Kis-Pesti Kert, Hungary
hi Zoltan thank you very much for appreciate my event organizing . i am not know how can i share more than one pictures. any how you can see on my facebook id, link below
Excellent work, Tariq. I will be sure to share these photos more broadly to inspire others to become more involved. Thanks for being part of and supporting our work.
thank you very much dear Roger for appreciate, i am committed you this world kitchen garden day event will be a golden and biggest event in pakistan with in next years. and i also do two more events doing one in this coming december mushroom day organize by KGI and second in end february 2014 " kitchen garden expo" by KGI . I sure now working of KGI in Pakistan will be your more power to inspire for people for kitchen gardening. please see and download all pictures of this event from my garden page also available on Flicker here is link

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