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Strawberry Living Wall

Jun 12, 2014
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Hi friends! i would like to share you my experience of strawberry growing in living wall in my domestic kitchen garden. 

i already share you about my living walls design, its basically prefabricated walls which i made at my farm and can easily use for plants growing. 

if you have the face book id then open this link and see how i install these living walls.

about strawberry living wall, i find its a nice way to grow strawberry as with out any harm  to fruit and its so easiy to pick.

its also a space free idea. i planting 10 rows of strawberry only using one feet wirth area. 

you can see some more pictures of strawberry living wall. if you have the face book id then open this link and see

please feel free to share me if you have any question about strawberry living wall.

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hi friends . please feel free to discuss any question about my work regarding strawberry living wall.
this strawberry living wall, how did you come up in this idea? that's fantastic !!! i planted strawberries yearly in pots but for the last two years, my strawberries have slightly bitter taste, why?
hi teresa! this is first time in pakistan i introduce such walls which can use for plants growing. if you have the facebook page then open this link and see how i install this type of living walls thank you so much for appreciate my work. if you prepare proper growing media for strawberry growing then will hope it will give you good result. regards

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