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Mar 08, 2014
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Hi friends……Kitchen Gardeners International  Pakistan  organize an event  in Pakistan in collaboration  with  Qadir Bakhsh Farms pakistan  (


We are going to organize Pakistan first NATIONAL MUSHROOM FESTIVAL .
QADIR BAKHSH FARMS group is  made up of hard-working, fun-loving, enthusiastic volunteers who come together to plan the biggest event held in Pakistan. We already have experience of agri-events in Pakistan like world kitchen garden day , training workshop of kitchen gardening, agri field trips for school kids and community. 

QADIR BAKHSH FARMS is a volunteer organization whose is commetted to working for awareness in society for real foods. All expenditures are bear by own any how we welcome you if you have plane to donate for this cause.
We always welcome new volunteers! So many volunteers are needed to make the Festival an experience like no other in pakistan. We encourage you to join the fun. We also welcome students needing community service hours. 
Problems of mushrooms growing in Pakistan:- 
Mushroom is high in protein ,richest in folic acid, fat free cholesterol free, sodium free, good source of potassium but in Pakistan it can not become the part of our food as compare the other part of the world.
In Pakistan more than 90% people are not aware about the mushroom as food and its taste and if a few percent people who aware about this magical food can’t find fresh mushrooms any where in market. 
If any mushroom lover want to grow it they have no idea for spawn and its technical know how, if any body get spawn and grow it successfully then they have no any market in Pakistan where it will sale. They will fail to market it, 
No body know and work its value addition products. 
Aims and Objectives:-
So we realize this situation and have the aims to become the bridge between consumers and producers. 1-Our aim to organize mushroom festival is to educate the consumer of mushroom and to promote the awareness about mushroom’s health benefits,
2-Provide the practical technology and easy way to grow mushroom domestic as well commercial growing. 
3-Provide the oppurnity growers can get the spawn and when they grow provide the source of market in Pakistan and outside country. 
1-Lectures about medicinal and nutitional values of mushroom , and benefits of mushroom eating.
2-Mushroom festival will contain practical technology growing of mushroom domestic and commercial level. 
3- teach different cooking recipes of mushroom . 
4-We also have small domestic mushroom growing farm which  present as model for participants. 

for more pictures of this mega event please open this link

Stay blessed 
&happy gardening 




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