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Lettuce Living Wall

Jan 01, 2013
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 we have a lot of walls here just for privacy and protection not any other use. just  i think  why not plants.

so i design it in concrete and filled with growing media and planting petuia first. you can see my petunia living wall on my face book id.

because i am much convence for edible use of spaces, so My Lettuce Wall just a idea how we can use our walls for growing mint, strawberry and also all leafy vegetable

with different combinations of colours.

soon will share my strawberry wall all of you.

Blessed and Stay Healthy!

greetings from QADIR BAKHSH FARMS 


Do you have individual cells for the lettuce plants, or are the rows filled with soil on a continuous basis all the way across? Do you water the plants by hand, or is there some sort of drip irrigation or hydroponic pump involved?
yes the growing media filled all the cross through out from bottom to top, so no individual cell. i use a concrete made kit for installing this wall and both side can be use for planting . and i water the plant by hand with garden pipe , sure we can also put on the top a drip pipe for irrigation also because one cavity from bottom to top just growing media like cocopeat and compost. regards
I'd like to know the steps for such a wonderful wall like that??? how can I build it from Zero appreciate your support in advance :)
hi Alomareg ,thank you for like and appreciate my living wall work, specially lettuce wall. i like to tell you basically i design a kit first to install this living wall, this is like prefabricated walls which i made that my farm, if you have face book id then open this link and see how i install walls.

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