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Lemon Grass

Sep 27, 2013
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Hi Friends look I grow so many plants of lemon grass in my kitchen garden, Lemon grass is a permanent plant and we can grow this magic plant very easily outside in our garden and in pots also. it has so many uses like soups, lemon tea and cold drink. The oil of lemon grass is citronella which used in many perfumes ,as scent in soaps ,candle and body lotions.
Once I was visit Thailand , I see a factory in chiangmai there candy of lemon grass prepared for export. 
Lemon grass is much popular because of its properties. It has been used to cure headaches, fever and anxiety. Many people also drink lemon grass tea to help reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure.
The flavorful and aromatic lemon grass is a versatile plant you can easily grow both outside in your garden and inside in pots. With a little care, you can enjoy this popular herb year round. 

you can also visit this link of my page for more kitchen gardening know how!

stay blessed and happy gardening 

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