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Kids Having Fun with Nature

Jun 13, 2014
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Hi Friends! Watch the kids having fun
Mulberry picking and pick your own experience is fun and wonderful experience for kids.
so kids  come to my garden and see how picking berries is a great way to spend time with nature ,enjoying the sounds nature and provide an great experience to your kids . would you like to share with Talha Tanveer, Ali Hussan, Kashaf Tanveer and Saira Tanveer what they learn?????????
They want to be a pleasant activities and event at QADIR BAKHSH FARMS with other kids.
They love to be excited for other kids come and experience the romance of picking fresh mulberries because it’s a great way to spend some good time with family and kids so that they learn about farm practices ……….

Picking own fruits is the perfect opportunity to teach kids about where our food comes from or to remind yourself just how flavorful fresh berries and produce are supposed to taste. 

please open this link if you have the facebook id for more pictures of this event. 


that's nice and hope a lot of kids become involved in the program, develop an interest and learned too, it will remains with them for a lifetime...Good Job...
yes you right ............thank you so much teresa for appreciate

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