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Container Vegetable Gardening

Jan 01, 2013
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if we have no proper space for kitchen garden, and poor soili mean rocky type which not for good growing then we should go for container growing. 

we can use so many waiste material for vegetable growing  as planters using . 

the easy way i make a tray with concrete its size is 33 inchs by 33inches  and depth 9 inches named vege tray . this vege tray i make my ownself in my garden and start growing vegetables as experiment. 

here my site i have very good fertile soil so i add some organic compost, proper timely watering, loved to growing own passion ........ 

excelent result for leafy vegetables. you can see on my face book kitchen gardening album because i don't know how can i share all pictures here.

i also pot some trays on my friend's roof top.  he is also a very good kitchen gardener now and growing his own vegetables  and happy now. 

waiting for your remarks for my work..... how can i improve my kitchen gardening work? 

Blessed and Stay Healthy!

Greetings from QADIR BAKHSH FARMS.

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