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Kee's Sanctuary

Jun 05, 2014

“I feel happy here. It’s my  sanctuary.” For the diverse population of Spencer Garrett Community garden, with gardeners from Bhutan, Burma, Tanzania, Sudan, and Korea, the produce grown here provides access to high quality produce that is often hard to come by in our area of Aurora, CO. But it is much more than  just a garden to many, who like Kee Hung (pictured) arrived in the U.S. as refugees fleeing political turmoil and persecution.  Kee is from Burma , and as a newly resettled refugee lives in a small urban apartment with his family of 6 and several other friends. Needless to say, a sanctuary is hard to find, especially one that is full of fresh produce and provides food for his family. He spends all of his spare time at the garden, lovingly tending to his plot as well as those of the community plot (his idea to share produce with the neighbors) and the plots of two disabled refugees. He loves the garden so much that he has played an active role in advocating for more community gardens in the area so more people can enjoy this sanctuary as he has.

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