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Warming Center Garden Hooks Another One!

Her toes in the soft dirt told it all!
Jun 16, 2014

      This year, our second year of planting the Warming Center Garden, a new student arrived from Ohio.  She had lived in the city all her life.  Cleveland didn't have much area to grow vegetables.  When she first learned of our plans, her response was :"Ewwww!  I am NOT touching that dirt!" Through the ensuing months leading up to the initial planting, the other students told how awesome it was.  Still, she held firm in her belief that she hated gardening.  Finally the day came.  The sun was warm and the students were excited.  She held back from the crowd and watched as the boys tilled up the soft earth.  She watched as the other students grabbed packages of seeds and started their work.  She watched....and finally ventured tenderly through the dirt to the planting area.  She was careful, calculating each step.  I turned away to help others.  Several minutes went by when I heard a call!  "OH MY GERD!  I can't believe it!  This dirt feels AWESOME between my toes!"  I turned around, with tears in my eyes, as I watched her planting seeds with her classmates, her toes wriggling in the earth."  It was one of the moments a teacher remembers forever and I knew then that we had another gardener on our hands.

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