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Urban Cooking | Get the Most Out of City Cuisine

Aug 05, 2014
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   Many people claim it's not possible to develop in the art of cooking in the big city. The herbs, they say, are not the same, the veggies are not fresh enough, the spirit isn't there. However, I think these people are wrong. It is possible to cook and delicious, tasty meals in the big city, with fresh ingredients, love and passion which French and Italian cookers have.

1. Fresh veggies


These are pain in the neck to find, I agree but they are not impossible.

# Grow the herbs yourself. Most of them need just some soil and a bit of sunlight. Many people grow herbs like dill instead of flowers in their homes. The cherry tomatoes also need very little care. They are tasty, juicy and grow fast enough. These are just two ideas to grow your own herbs and veggies in your home in a flowerpot and have healthier meals every day.

# Rooftop gardens

Green rooftops are gaining popularity. They clean the air, isolate the building, lower the electricity bills, improve the look of the building, create better environment for animals and birds in the city, create additional space to utilize. Now, if all of that isn't enough for you, these areas can be transformed into gardens too. On top of buildings, where the air is significantly cleaner and fresher, because CO2 is heavy and stays lower, the rooftops of skyscrapers and blocks should be considered great opportunity for gardening development.

2. Learn the art of shopping. Spend your money in small, family owned shops where bread is baked at the moment and quality of food and service are high.

3. Recipes and skills

# Even though you may know nothing about cooking, big cities give opportunities for anyone to learn the basics of each and every cuisine from around the world. Cooking classes are common today and you can easily to participate in one.

# Online tutorials, forums and blogs are another great opportunity to learn new tricks.

# Cooking books are a classic and they still work and deliver just the kind of knowledge you need in order to prepare delicious meals.

# Try and error is the best tutor in life. You cannot become a good chef if you don't cook. Experience stands behind every great cooker. Do not be afraid to experiment and learn new things.

4. Appliances and hygiene

Get yourself a nice oven with electrical and gas hobs. Your cooker should be multifunctional. Convection ovens allow better heat distribution and more even cooking. Thanks to that, it's less likely for you to burn your food. Oven cleaning also becomes easier. According to professional London oven cleaners, that allows greener and less harmful cleaning solutions to be used. That way the same level of cleanness will be achieved without sacrificing safety.

Hopefully, with these little tips and ideas, you will be braver and try to cook and grow your own food, even though you live in a big city. Now you know it's possible.

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