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St. Catherine School - Kauai

May 28, 2013

It is amazing how much a place can change in one year.  This year the garden went from empty student built wooden beds to a productive green and red jungle.  We also extended our vision from the garden to the forest.  This year we planted several cacao, bananas, a breadfruit, avocados, dragon fruit, ti, hibiscus, malunggay, and sweet potatoes. 

September                                                                                                         May


The students did a whole lot of cooking and eating.  Our Kokee overnighter featured so many of our homegrown meals: the sweet potato “cookies”, the dried mango, the pineapple/coconut desert, the jackfruit “BBQ mock-pork sliders” with collards and beans, and mixed salad.  For classes we harvested the sun flowers and roasted them up.  We roasted radish & pickled the radishes, made smoothies with collards and kale greens, curry with the mustard greens and sweet potatoes, and chili from the rabbits and chard.  We even made burnt chocolate bar from the cacao pods. 


The students also got to help others.  Every Tuesday and Thursday during lunch the middle school students buddied up with the elementary students and helped them learn to garden during “Garden Club”.  The students also harvested the beet, Swiss chard, kale & and several other greens to donate to the food bank each month.


We welcomed the donation of the irrigation and chipper from the Kitchen Gardeners International.


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