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Richland Gardens

Jun 30, 2014

Richland Gardens is a first year garden with a lot of room for growth. We had a couple of bumps in the road getting things up and going. To start, my rotatling crew could only complete a little less than half of the job, so we decided to work with what we got and expand when we can. At this point we are concidering other options, however definitely expanding come next spring.

It was a feat to get all the seeds in but at this point the seeds are in and most are popping through the soil. So now we are beginning to think of better water solutions as the rain barrels are not cutting it alone (not much water is being caught in the barrels). We are considering running an 8-9 foot gutter on the fence behind to catch more rain water.

So far we had a group project day with the National Guard to till the garden that included lunch and dessert. We also had a group day for the children in which we planted container gardens for the summer program associated with Harmony House Homeless Shelter. We are planning other group days including a pot luck in the fall to reap our rewards.

One particular volunteer that comes to mind is a girl about 11 years old that has been so excited about coming to the garden, planting the container garden and coming back to help at the garden.

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