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World Kitchen Garden Day. Islamabad Pakistan

Sep 07, 2012
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The purpose of my endeavor,”Kitchen gardening free lessons and seeds”, , is to generate interest about Kitchen gardening at household level and ensure women participation in this most rewarding past time. This can only be achieved   through mobilization and Skill enhancement to empower individuals, families, and communities to achieve greater levels of food self-reliance.

Like the rest of the world Pakistan is also hit by severe inflation and environmental crises resulting food shortage. Price of all food commodities has triple during past few years. One third of Pakistan population is below poverty line and more and more people are falling into poverty trap.

“Kitchen gardening free lessons and seeds “, works by organizing event at   home in different localities where people of that area are given free lessons and seeds to jump start what they have learned. Frees seeds are mostly donated by seed companies or individual activist who wish to be part of an event and help in spreading the awareness of home grow healthy food. This year World Kitchen Garden Day   was celebrated   In Islamabad (Pakistan) by giving free lesson on kitchen gardening and free seeds.

This time the seeds were donated free of cost by gracious member of KGI Kelli Ploeger Hinn.She is also very active and popular member of face group,” My kitchen garden project: Pakistan”, and helping members of this group with her expertise and knowledge. Thank you Kelli Ploeger .Your contribution is really making an impact on this movement in Pakistan.

The event was arranged at home in Tarlia at out skirt of Islamabad by family of a well Known  business man.

About 17 keen participants took part. I explained in detail the idea behind kitchen gardening, the benefit of home grow food, what is organic vegetables, toxic affects of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. A question answer session followed.

This was followed by demo,” how to prepare soil , fill a pot ,sow seeds and transplant seedlings”.

Anila Ahmed a horticulturist and landscape designer gave a demo,” how to make compost from kitchen waste”.

 Finally the Lady of the house distributed seeds to her neighbors and friends Followed by tea.

The event was a great success as most participants asked me to arrange next event at  their home.





As always, Salma, great work! We're so lucky to have you doing what you're doing and as part of the KGI community. Thank you.
Salma, what a wonderful endeavor! I admire you for taking the initiative to further people's knowledge in planting, gardening and harvesting. You are filling an important need. Keep up the great work!

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