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2013 and Our Food Status~

Jan 02, 2013

After being an advocate for" Truth In Labeling" almost 16 years now I'm amazed at the status of this one is a wake-up call to the power big business and big government holds over every aspect of our lives.

It's easy to ask...why should we not know what is in the food we feed our family at the dinner table ? Who has the right to say we don't need to know ?  Well, after 16 years of asking those questions and watching the same action year after year...I've come to know this... many freedoms that we think we have...they are freedoms in name only. When "free" people have to fight and partition for safe food and the freedom to grow it...a fundamental right is missing.

I would challenge anyone who doesn't already...educate yourself on our food system, we have for many generations taken for granted that good food is a given...this is becoming more and more not the case.

I plan to make 2013  "The Year of The Garden "...please join me in the planting and in the blogging about it.

My first project will be a school garden where my grandsons attend...will share more about that when all the plans are finalized.   We are so excited !


Happy New the gardens !

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