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found garden
May 21, 2012

We passed this impressive little garden this morning while driving to The Wild Animal Sanctuary (Colorado, USA).  It presented itself with great dignity just a few feet from a busy road.  The owner’s love and attention were everywhere evident; it was very meticulous and well designed. 

To me, this is a most impressive garden because it exemplifies the Latin phrase multum in parvo, which roughly translates into English as ‘much in little.’  The gardener has clearly accepted the small space he or she has been given in life, but has transformed it into an oasis of abundance and well-being.  This is not ‘just another little garden;’ it is a particular point of exuberant human individuation, and a profound source of basic goodness, dignity, and joy.

How about honoring the gardens we find along the way by creating a photo album of ‘Found Gardens’ on this site?  I love looking at photos of other people’s gardens; they make me feel good and I often get good ideas from a close examination of the photos.

What if a category of ‘Found Gardens’ was added to the topic list?  Over the years, we could build a beautiful album of gardens we come upon as we go about our daily activities, inspiring us all, and honoring even the smallest most diminutive garden plots.

And if, in doing this, we strike up a conversation with the gardener, tell them that we like their garden and want to take a picture of it to post on KGI, telling them what KGI is, we might set in motion something much bigger than we expected.  Shouldn't we be leaning-out toward each other? Wouldn't the photo be a good way of doing this?

Yes or no?


A very good idea! But a short guideline for respecting garden owners privacy would be required as we cannot expect everyone to be aware of that.Admin could be starting to hate me from now on....
Thanks, Antonis. Yes, that's an important point. Perhaps the most important guideline would be to refrain from entering private property without permission. Any other ideas?
Well,no pictures to be taken or published without the owner's/operator's consent.Instead of getting a written statement,which is...ehemm...,we could strictly refrain from revealing the exact garden location and identity of the owner/operator.If he/she wishes to see more than that online,I would invite him/her to join KGI him/herself.In the unlikely case of an issue arising,well KGI is evidently nonprofit and the picture could be easily deleted.If I were Admin I would consider having the according KGI members take the responsibility him/herself in this case.
...I would invite him/her to join KGI him/herself.In the unlikely case of an issue arising well, KGI is evidently nonprofit and the picture could be easily deleted.May be,there is a way for according members to take responsibility themselves in this case,but even without that it would be fairly bomb-proof,I think.
...bomb-proof,I think.Uff!
I like your collection idea - wonderful little surprise gardens are a nice category. This one also fits my category, "Perfect for what it is!" - no more, no less. The crisp fence construction in 2"x2" lumber is impressively simple & looks well-acquainted with the local critters. :-)
... Here's the cut-off part > I am always impressed with solid construction in 2"x2" lumber. This owner looks well-acquainted with the local critters. :-)
Very lovely.

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