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Montana Ranch hand Frank Richards finds happiness in gardening

Jun 28, 2014

"For over a year I've volunteered at the Rubel Castle Garden in Glendora CA; spading, preparing the soil for planting, as well as clearing weeds and watering.  This is the work I did during the 1930's-40's on my familys small prairie ranch in Montana.  When I was eight, it was decided that I would do the garden.  It was just a chore at first, but as the years went by the garden became a place I would go to feel good.  As an eight year old nobody asked my opinion about anything.  As I got better at gardening people began asking me about the various plants, how they were doing, when would they be ready to pick, etc. This was my first exposure to the meaning of 'expertise,' and to the respect one gets for doing something right and well.  When it came to gardening, I wasn't just a kid anymore, but someone who knew something those around me weren't as current on as I was.  This was a happy time in my life. Working in the Pharms garden has helped me re-live those early years, a unique and unexpected opportunity for an eighty three year old former ranch hand."  

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