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Hooray for Seed Day 2013!

May 28, 2013

One of our very favorite quotes around here is by Margaret Mead and says


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”.

The greatest strength and the driving force of Roots is the group of committed individuals, from all walks of life, who come together to “plant” (pardon the pun) a better tomorrow. Without them, Roots would still be a dream in the mind of a retired fire chief. And, because of these committed individuals, we were able to pull of our annual Seed Day at Roots’ home in the POC

A note from garden lead, Lori L.:

Dear Wonderful People,

Thank you so much for helping out with the seed planting, without you it would have been crazy!  We planted 600 cups of seeds.  They have all been transported to the greenhouse and watered.  Now we just need spring to come so these little seeds can grow.

See you all soon,


This years seed day was a bit more organized than last year thanks to Lori and her volunteers. Volunteers were set at different stations and organized and labeled seed trays and pots. Folks walked in from 9 am to noon to plant a seed for the garden and volunteers took their time to teach little and big about the importance of proper planting.  This year, we kept the newly planted seeds instead of sending them home with volunteers to care for them. They were immediately transported to the green house that our local Consolidated School District 15 is letting us use. 

We like to recycle and keep it cheap at Roots. Instead of those little green seed planters, we bought cheap recyclable and reusable plastic cups at our local store. Lori L., our garden lead, drilled holes into the bottoms of stacks of these cups and voila, a little seed planter. Because we wanted to transport our newly planted seeds, Lori N.- a dedicated ROLE member- asked for the bigger stores in our area to donate the large carton trays used to transport fruits and veggies. They work perfectly in transporting our newly planted seeds to the greenhouse. Plus, the act as a corral for keeping same seeds together at the green house and are sturdy enough to take the watering. 

Our seeds, as mentioned previously came from a Herman’s Garden seed grant. We were pleasantly surprised to see our volunteers bring in additional seeds of their own as well. Last year over 95% of our garden was grown from seed and we hope to do the same this year. 

A big thank you goes to all of our volunteers who dropped in, got their fingers dirty, took time to teach a child how to plant a seed and in doing so planted a brighter tomorrow for our comunity. 

Thank you! 




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