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Around the World in 6 Garden Plans

Around the World in 6 Garden Plans
Feb 04, 2015

I love visiting other people's gardens because I always learn something new. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to find a garden to visit because gardens are too often hidden behind houses and their owners often feel hesitant about showing them off because they feel that they're not tidy enough. One of the cool features of KGI's Garden Planner is that it offers an easy digital way for people to open their gardens for a public tour without having to worry about weeding. The garden designs below are just a few of the hundreds that can be visited online in garden plan gallery and are truly the stuff that dreams are made of at this time of the year for people like me who are staring out a window at a snowy landscape.   


A Backyard Kitchen Garden and Orchard

Description: A 55' x 40' edible backyard

Location: Greater Montreal, Canada

What I like about it: Greenhouse? Check. Dwarf fruit trees? Check. Creative layout? Check. This fan-shaped edible backyard plan has a lot going on and I like it all. Hardscaping the paths with bricks is neither easy or cheap but it creates a sense of permanence that I find is often lacking in North American residential landscapes. I like how the dwarf fruit trees offer a border and, no doubt, some privacy from neighbors. The little greenhouse is the perfect size for getting an early start and late finish to the season.

(Click the image below to open it in a larger format. Click here to see the gardener's plant list.)


A Combination Market Garden/ Personal Garden

Description:70' x 75' raised bed garden

Location: Williamsburg, Missouri

What I like about it: Form fits function with this garden in that it's designed for producing enough vegetables for the owner's own use as well as some for sale.  The uniformity of the 4' x 12' raised beds will simply the gardener's life for sowing, weeding, watering and harvesting. The 3' walkways are plenty wide enough for a garden cart to navigate. Although we don't know who Cassidy and Kaitlyn are (lower left hand corner of the plan), I love that they have some space of their own to grow.

(Click the image below to open it in a larger format. Click here to see the gardener's plant list.)


A Mediterranean-Inspired Kitchen Garden

Description: A 33' x 33' raised bed garden

LocationWest Yorkshire, England

What I like about it: This plan is one for the armchair traveler seeking to travel vicariously to not just one place but two. Drawn up in Northern England, the plan has a warm, southern European feel about it and many of the crops to go with it. I love its symmetry, colors and what appears to be a mini-wildflower meadow in the middle which will attract the eye as well as pollinators. Who wouldn't want to stroll in a garden as lovely as this?

(Click the image below to open it in a larger format. Click here to see the gardener's plant list.)


An Edible Schoolyard Down Under

Description: A 65' x 90' school garden

Location: Eastern Suburbs, Sydney, Australia

What I like about it: Imagine a schoolyard dotted with circular beds filled with fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers and you'll start to get a picture of what is going on in this garden plan down under. At 6 feet in diamter, these beds are about as big as they could be while remaining workable. I like that size though because it will be possible for quite a few students to view them, work in them and eat from them at the same time. My favorite part of this plan though is seeing all the unusual things that can grow in an Australian garden: warigal greens, water chestnut, guava. 

(Click the image below to open it in a larger format. Click here to see the gardener's plant list.)


Kenyan Kitchen Garden

Description: A 57' x 44' backyard garden 

Location: Kitengela, Kenya

What I like about it: This gardener has divided the plan into 9 roughly identical rectangular beds and combined two of them to make a larger bed for sprawling crops like pumpkins and melons. Walkways one meter in width seprate the beds allowing easy access to them.  What I like best, though, about this plan is the wide variety of crops planted and its mix of annuals and perennials. With a garden this size, there's clearly a lot of food being produced for immediate consumption and possibly even more for storage and preserving. 


(Click the image below to open it in a larger format. Click here to see the gardener's plant list.)


Community Garden with a French Twist

Description: A 100' x 30' raised bed garden

Location: Southwest France

What I like about it: As a francophile, I enjoyed seeing all the crop names written in French, a nice vocabulary refresher course for those of us who used to know the difference between "radis" and "haricots" but may have forgotten. What I liked most about this plant was it's creative use of companion planting and interplanting. In one bed, for example, the tall Brussels sprouts plants are interplanted with salad greens providing them with some shady relief from the summer's strong sun. 


(Click the image below to open it in a larger format. Click here to see the gardener's plant list.)





How lovely to see such different gardens, thanks for sharing these ideas. I hope we get to see updates and photos of the gardens as they grow.

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