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America's Subsidy Garden

Jun 08, 2012

With the First Lady's White House Kitchen Garden book launch cooling down and the federal Farm Bill talks heating up, it seems like a ripe time to share this graphic more broadly. Feel free to use it (see download links below) with a link back to As a nation, we’re saying one thing and doing another and we urgently need to bring our words and actions in line with one another. We’re saying we should be eating 5–7 portions of fruits and vegetables a day but we’re not supporting the food, farm, and garden infrastructure needed to deliver that diet to 311 million Americans. In fact, we’d need to grow another 13 million acres of produce in the United States if we we’re to meet the minimum daily requirements of fruits and vegetables set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. We talk the talk about healthy eating in this country and now it's time for us to walk the walk by demanding a Farm Bill that promotes fresh, healthy, locally-grown foods and supports the farmers and gardeners who are putting them on America's tables.

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Also,consider the very nature of subsidy: tax funds are used to have the farmer compensated reasonably for his effort as well as providing food with low price tags to the population.(non affordable food is believed to have been the main trigger factor for the arab spring,for instance) Would it be not more effective to pay reasonable prices for (reasonable) food and such omit all the administrative cost and irregularity risks,instead of indirectly paying it through our taxes? But no,the population is happy with this illusion! (and others) The popu...who? Ah,that;s us!
.......Would it be not more effective to pay reasonable prices (for reasonable food) directly instead of doing so through our taxes indirectly,including the involved administrative cost? But no,the population is very happy with this illusion (and others) ! The popu...who? Ah,that;s us!

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