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Pina and some of the members of the Guamuchil Community Garden finish painting the chicken ark.
Jun 30, 2014

Pina Torres Avilez is a retired schoolteacher, and while she has plenty of experiencing cultivating young minds, she had no prior gardening experience before helping us break ground two years ago at the Jardín Comunitario Guamúchil, one of the community gardens that Raíz De Fondo administrates in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Pina no longer practices her profession, but she is full of energy and continues to teach.  Pina normally arrives to tend her adopted parcel after her morning aerobic dance classes and she doesn´t shy from any garden task, including volunteer instruction during school field trips at the garden.  Although she is an educator by trade, Pina admits that she continues to learn valuable lessons even at this stage of her life.  Pina now strives to incorporate more organic products in her diet, a good amount of which comes from her adopted garden parcel.  She also pays more attention to the way her food is cultivated, and has discovered a facination with producing compost.  Pina is excited about incorporating the new Arca Gallinera (chicken ark) to help cycle energy and nutrients within the community garden, improve the soil, and extend the utility of kitchen scraps she and other garden members plan on feeding the chickens.  She even has her husband, Rafael, and grand-daughter, Sofia, getting involved as well, and feels that the chicken ark will add more value to this inspiring and educational community space.  

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