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The Century Center for Economic Opportunity YouthBuild Garden

Jun 24, 2013

The Sow It Forward Grant the Century Center for Economic Opportunity YouthBuild received this spring has benefited the on-site garden tremendously. Since receiving the grant the organization has had the opportunity to add a large variety of plants to the garden, as well as supplement our tree orchard with 5 new citrus trees. The citrus trees make a great addition to the orchard because they were bought already mature; making them more exciting than the current bare root trees that will not produce fruit for 4 more years.

Summer planting really took off this year, and the students had the opportunity to plant tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, and strawberries. Students also worked with our resident master gardener to learn how to make tomato cages to properly support the growth of robust tomatoes, and now our tomato plants are absolutely thriving! In order to keep our plants growing a few of our students learned the proper way to fertilize plants, trees, and flowers. The strawberry plants were having a hard time at first, but after some careful weeding and fertilizing by one of our star student gardeners they are producing some beautiful and delicious strawberries. The young people are amazed by the taste difference in a strawberry that comes straight out of the garden opposed to one they would buy in the market, and are patiently awaiting for more to grow!

Overall, money received from the Kitchen Gardeners International has been nothing but beneficial for our school garden. It has given the organization the opportunity to get more at-risk youth working in nature, and to learn about caring for plants, the environment, and their own health. The vegetables we grow in the garden continue to go home with our students and their families so they can save money buying produce from the market, and enjoy the taste of a fresh tomato or cucumber. Thank you KGI! 

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