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Permaculture garden Sofia

Jul 01, 2014

These  are few words of one of the volunteers from the neigbourhood for the project Bio-Center Green-Sofia, Vera is living in the area and also working for Junior Achievment Bulgaria

""I live in the apartment building right next to the green area where the permaculture garden is being created. And I am really happy that this is the first community garden project in Bulgaria which is not being realized on a private property. This place is actually owned by the municipality and is public land, thus it is also exciting to see how people start caring about common resources. Working with the land by itself is extremely pleasing, seeing how a piece of degraded land turns into a fertile garden, seeing how life transforms from a seed to a fruit. But it is equally pleasing to watch how this garden transforms human relationships as well. Because this is a new neighborhood (I came in a year ago), until recently I didn't know many of my neighbors, we just passed by each other in the foyer of the building without saying anything. Now we are actively communicating in the garden, meeting almost every day, the kids are playing, helping with the compost, learning about how to look after seedlings, and you can feel a sense of community being created." Vera Petkancin.

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