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Ka Ulu Gardens at Kihei Charter School

Jun 29, 2013

For the first time ever 28 11th and 12th grade students of Kihei Charter School on the island of Maui, Hawaii were offered an Agriculture and Alternative Energy course. The course title although specific, guided students to answer three basic questions:

  • "How do we feed the world with out destorying our ability to do so in the future?"
  • "How do we power the world with out distrupting the climate balance?"
  • "How do we empower people to address these changes?"

The overall goal of the course was a college level laboratory preparation course, students will say that we accomplished much more than that!

Being the first time the course had been offered, our outdoor lab and classroom space was not much more than abandon, overgrown lot. Students often questioned "Miss, are we ever going to grow anything?" foreseeing the difficulties that layed ahead. The lot had no water access, soil, or shade, in addition to Kihei's desert climate which typically receives less than 10" of rain a year. Trying to reduce our impact as much as possible, students concieved a raised bed design out of recycled (heat treated) pallets. All that was left was soil and water...

Here is where the Kitchen Gardeners International Grant helped us to reach our goals. Along with other fundraising and recycling redemption campaigns the students raised $1300 for 50 cubic yards of soil! With a little more hard work, the students, and course questions, were answered. Thank you Kitchen Gardeners International, not only on behalf of my students, but on behalf of our collective future. You helped to provide the essential, science based, hands-on learning future generations need to tackle all that faces them. In the name sake of our garden, Ka Ulu (meaning "to grow" in Hawaiian), the outdoor laboratory space will service more courses like biology, health, advance research methods in science and which means your generous donation will be reaching more minds, and further planting the seeds of a more sustainable future. Many Mahalos from Hawaii!

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