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Luxurious Lavender Bath Melts

Mar 15, 2013

Feel like a princess sinking into a lavender dream with these luxurious homemade bath melts.  They are created with rich cocoa and shea butters, and a generous amount of lavender.

After a nice soak your skin will be incredibly moisturized and scented.
You will definitely feel like royalty!

Luxurious Lavender Bath Melts


¼ cup organic cocoa butter
¼ cup organic shea butter
2 teaspoons dried lavender flowers
2 drops lavender essential oil per bath melt
isopropyl rubbing alcohol


silicone mold with small shapes


Grate the cocoa butter and place in a large glass measuring cup (tip: microwave the cocoa butter a bit to make it easier to grate).  Add the shea butter, and microwave the mixture on defrost until melted, approximately six minutes.  Fold in the lavender flowers.  Place the mold onto a baking sheet for ease of movement.  Carefully pour the mixture into the molds, and add the essential oil to each one.  Pour the alcohol into a spray bottle, and mist the tops of the molds to remove any bubbles.

Place in the refrigerator for two hours to harden.  Remove the bath melts from the molds and store in a cool place in a tightly lidded jar.  The listed ingredients lends approximately 11 small molds, but you can easily double the recipe if desired.

Draw a nice hot bath and add one bath melt.  Swirl.  If you don’t want lavender floating around, simply put the bath melt in a small muslin bag.

Ahhh relax and feel silky smooth…

Take note that the rich butters in the bath melts can be slippery so please take care.

If you don’t have the ingredients on hand you can find them organically at Mountain Rose Herbs.

Note:  Some essential oils, including lavender, should be avoided during pregnancy.

By Miss Lady Bug


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