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Homemade Rosewater - A Natural Beauty Tonic

Feb 07, 2013
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Rosewater is a natural beauty tonic easily made at home with rose petals and distilled water. The oils in rose petals have mild astringent, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, making them a perfect addition to your beauty routine. 

Use rosewater to hydrate your skin, firm and refine pores, fragrance your bath, and soften your hair.

When making rosewater at home, choose from the following highly fragrant rose varieties, which yield petals that provide the precious essential oils used in perfumes:

  • Rosa damascena  (Damask rose) - This highly fragrant, pink-flowering plant is the preferred variety.
  • Rosa centifolia (Cabbage rose) – This fragrant variety is pink, and double-petaled.
  • Rosa gallica (French rose) – This fragrant variety is an heirloom that comes in varying colors.

To make rosewater, add fresh or dried organic rose petals to the bottom of a large pot.  Cover the petals with distilled water.  Heat the water until it is steaming but not boiling (boiling can evaporate the rose oils).  Steam for approximately one hour.  The petals will loose their color and the rose oil will skim the top of the water. Cool, and strain the water.  Discard the petals.  Voilà!  Rosewater!  

Try experimenting with rosewater by adding witch hazel, or a few drops of your favorite essential oil.  Store rosewater in sterilized bottles in the refrigerator.  Use within one week, or freeze in trays to use as needed. 

Enjoy your natural beauty tonic!



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