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Homemade Rosemary Massage Oil

Jun 07, 2012
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Most people love a great massage.   It is a method of relaxation and healing.   It’s known to release toxins that can build up in tight muscles. 

Purchasing massage oils can be expensive but they are easy to make at home using blends of carrier oils and essential oils. 

Essential oils are very concentrated and must be diluted with an organic carrier or vegetable oil before using on them on your skin.  Carrier oils actually carry the essential oil onto the skin. There are many types to choose from.  A few of my favorites are almond oil, walnut oil, hazelnut oil, and grape seed oil.  The essential oils contain the scent of the plant.  You can also add herbs (infusion) but completely dry them first to prevent mold.

I use rosemary in my massage oil because I love its scent and grow it in abundance.  Experiment with different blends to find your favorite.  If you have sensitive skin do a patch test before using.

This blend feels wonderful on the skin:

Rosemary Massage Oil

8 ounces organic grape seed oil (Vitis vinifera)

4 ounces organic walnut oil (Juglans regia)

60 drops of organic rosemary essential oil (Rosmarinus officinalis)

2 sprigs rosemary (dried)

Blend and store in a glass container with a pump.

Note:  Some essential oils should be avoided during pregnancy. 

Rosmarinus is Latin for dew of the sea. 

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