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Growing Heirloom Peas - Green Arrow

Apr 03, 2013
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Who wouldn't like a sweet garden pea called Green Arrow?  This heirloom should be included in every home garden.  It's an excellent pea for fresh eating, freezing, or cooking.

This heavy yielder provides 4-5 inch pods, each loaded with 8-11 bright green peas.

Peas like it cool!  They make a great spring or fall crop.  The seeds can germinate in temperatures as low as 45 degrees and the plants thrive in temperatures below 70 degrees.  Cool weather makes them sweet so plan accordingly.  Plant seeds one inch deep and three inches apart in well drained organic soil.  Green Arrow is a tall variety that likes to climb, so provide some type of trellis.  Keep the soil moist, especially after the first flowers appear.  This will aid in the development of nice plump peas.

Be patient for about 70 days and you will have a lot more than two peas in a pod.  Harvest the pods regularly so the plants will continue to produce, and be sure to enjoy a few of these tiny sugar bombs while you're still in the garden!

Now smile about your harvest, sit, and shell.  Press the pods open with your fingers and push the peas out. Take note that as soon as peas are picked, they start converting their sugars to starches, so try to serve them as soon as possible to capture the sweetest flavor.

Tip:  When the plants are at the end of their lifecycle, cut the tops off and leave the roots in the soil.   The roots have nodules containing nitrogen.  When the roots die, the nitrogen will be incorporated back into the soil.

Hailed from England, peas were eaten immature and fresh and considered a luxury of early modern Europe.

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