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Growing Heirloom Melons - Metki Painted Serpent

Dec 17, 2012
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The Metki Painted Serpent Melon was a great addition to my garden this year.  This exotic heirloom produces very long fruit with dark green, and pale green stripes.  The flavor is excellent, tasting similar but sweeter than a cucumber.  They are deliciously crisp.

This is an ancient heirloom, introduced from Armenia into Italy as far back as the 1400’s. Even though this Armenian fruit is typically grown as a cucumber, botanically, it is classified as a melon.

Sow seeds directly in the garden two weeks after the last frost of spring. Plant one inch deep, 12 inches apart, in rows five feet apart.  You can also sow seeds in hills or mounds, four seeds per hill, with hills five feet apart.  

If you live in a short season climate, start transplants indoors one week before your last frost date, and transplant into the garden about three weeks later.

Trellising is also an option but the fruits may need some extra support.

Matures in 65 days.  Happy gardening!

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