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Canning for Beginners... it's Simple to Learn...

Aug 08, 2012

Want to try your hand at canning but think it's too complicated?  It's really not, and the best way to learn is to jump right in and start.  That's what I did, and now I am really enjoying it.  

For beginners, I recommend starting with water bath canning.  This method is nothing more than a way of preserving food in boiling water (212 degrees) in a large pot made of aluminum or porcelain-covered steel. While the jars are boiling the process kills micro-organisms and forces air out.  The cooling process creates a vacuum seal.  Read more...


People choose home canning for many reasons. Memories of families getting together when their favorite fruit ripened and working in a steamy kitchen are enough to bring some folks back year after year. Others seek to reap the fruit of their labors long out of season, every jar of pickles stretching summer’s bounty a little further. Many appreciate that home canning is environmentally friendly in a tangible way: glass jars can be reused for years, a bumper crop that would spoil before it can be consumed doesn't go to waste, peels become compost, and fuel is not used to transport goods from farm to factory to table.
How nice of you to comment. So true it is an appreciated art. I keep using my jars over and over as all my family and friends return them. So nice! Thanks for your interest!

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