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Gratitude for Grant!

Jun 30, 2013

Thanks to a Sow it Forward grant from KGI, students and teachers at Eight Corners Primary School in Scarborough, Maine were able to expand their gardening space this spring. We purchased soil and compost for two new 12x3 beds and used some funds to create a reflective space for students to sit, observe, journal and wonder. Our garden supports learning of food systems, nutrition, life cycles, collaboration, reflective thinking and the process of inquiry. Our goal is to provide students with foundational experiences that will foster knowledge, interest and lifelong subsistence skills.

 Over seventy kindergarten students had a hand in planting and caring for an herb and salad garden this spring.  First graders at the school planted root vegetables and a “three sisters” plot. The Maine climate and growing season makes the garden a good opportunity for service learning, and many children planted and cared for crops with the intention of providing for incoming students who will harvest them in the fall.

Several families have signed up to be summer stewards and will care for and enjoy crops during the summer months. Their biggest obstacle so far: battling a massive groundhog and her new babies… who recently helped themselves to the peas, lettuce and cucumbers!

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