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Girl Scout Troop uses Grant to upgrade adoped garden for Homeless students on Skid Row

Jul 01, 2014

Girl Scout Troop 2381 spent a month researching which crops and flowers would survive best in the Los Angeles heat on Skid Row. Independetly the Girl Scouts created a PowerPoint, budgeted the necessary supplies, presented Powerpoint, and assisted the students with gardening. We are really excited for the cucumbers, watermelon, basil, and scallions that we are growing. We have also started a compost bin! 

Here is a testimonal from one of our volunteer tutors: Adam has a hard time sitting and paying attention, as does his sister, Linda. When it was their turn to work in the garden, they eagerly put their gloves on, chose their seeds and them planted the corn and green bean seeds in the garden boxes of the School on Wheels parking lot. After several trips to fill up the watering bucket, Linda proclaimed, "I love gardening!"  The tutor working with the siblings noted that this was the most focused she observed the siblings, who currently live in a shelter on Los Angeles' skid row. Adam enjoyed using the tools and the cactus plants fascinated them. In the otherwise concrete and asphalt landscape they navigate daily, the garden offered an opportunity to work with the healing energy of nature.

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