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Mr. Corson's Green Thumb

Jun 27, 2014

Charlie Corson is a Waller Mill park attendant who once owned a successful landscaping company and is now enjoying ‘retirement’ working part-time at the park. The Waller Mill Giving Garden, in Williamsburg Virginia, was established as a way to use the land to give back to the community, and Charlie’s green thumb has been pivotal to this mission. Primarily a volunteer driven garden, we have a variety of helpers from different groups in the community; many of whom have little or no gardening experience. Charlie, with his love for everything that grows, is great at helping to teach our volunteers and help them not only contribute to the garden, but leave with knowledge as well. Recently he worked with a group from the local Synagogue Sunday School, showing the students and teachers how to space plants, how to cull carrots, how to form squash hills, and many other essential gardening skills. He also is always quick to remind volunteers that the food they are growing will all be going to help families in need at the local battered women's shelter. The Giving Garden’s success is due in large part to the green thumb and hard work of Mr. Corson.

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