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Jun 28, 2014

Last summer, Isiah Harris was randomly assigned to work with Little Rock Summer of Solutions through the City's Summer Youth Employment Program. Before the summer began, Isiah had never done something like LR Summer of Solutions (SoS). Even though it was new to him, Isiah got engaged in the program, worked hard, and became very interested in gardening and community engagement. He enjoyed working outside with people who shared his interests: “[In the garden], you are around people who like working outside…It’s a good thing because they are trying to help out the garden, too.” Through the program, Isaiah got to know great people who he never thought he’d have the opportunity to meet and learned a lot about gardening. From discovering what fruits and vegetables look like when they’re growing to transplanting seedlings and handling pest problems, he found out that “there’s more to gardening than you would expect.” This year, he’s back for another Summer of Solutions. Once again, he's working hard to help the garden flourish, connect with the community, and develop entrepreneurial projects. This summer, the SoS team is working to launch a food-scaping social enterprise, and Isiah is hoping to get involved in the business and help it grow. We're looking foward to seeing what Isiah and the rest of the team accomplish this summer!

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