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7 common weeds your chickens will love

Feb 11, 2014
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Most common yard weeds are perfectly safe for chickens to eat, as long as they haven't been sprayed with any fertilizer, pesticide or herbicide, so feel free to pick a handful and toss them into your run.  But to get you started and give you some ideas, I thought I would share with you some chicken favourites. Most of these weeds grow nationwide.

1. Chickweed - Go figure, chickens like a weed called chickweed! Feed this super nutritious weed to baby chicks in the brooder as well as my laying hens.  It is also a natural pain reliever so good for any hen in any kind of distress.


2.  Clover - Clover is one of the most nutritionally complete you can feed your chickens, so go pick them a nice handful.


3.  Dandelion - Dandelion leaves, roots and flowers are also extremely nutritious and grow wild in nearly every area of the country.


4.  Wild Strawberry - Wild strawberries are a big favourite. They also love cultivated strawberries of course.


5.  Bitter Cress - Bitter cress is another plentiful weed that appears in cooler weather.  The ducks especially seem to enjoy it.

6. Smartweed - Grows as a ground cover with pretty pink flowers.  Another big flock favorite.

7.  Beautyberry - Beautyberry isn't terribly nutritious but the chickens keep busy happily plucking the tiny brilliant purple berries off the stalk.

Take a walk around your yard or neighbourhood to see what kinds of weeds you can find to supplement your chickens' diet.

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