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All The Worlds Problems Can Be Solved In A Garden - We Hope!

Jun 30, 2014
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Lots of Food's edible perennial food forest garden at the Rochester Public Market in Rochester, NY has become an international effort.  In addition to our own volunteer team, neighbors have joined in the work, and even visitors from other countries who have been staying at the Little Flower Collective have spent time helping us plant this new garden and digging out the bindweed (yuck!) we inherited with the garden.  (In this photo, we have folks from Spain and France in addition to locals.  I am the person on the far right.)  While we work and play together planting this food, we find ways to cross cultural and language barriers (ever explained the American phrase "gotcha" to someone?) and get to know each other better.  The bottom line is that most folks, no matter what neighborhood or country they live in, want the same things - love, community, good food, fun, work they enjoy, etc.  The food we are growing is important but maybe more importantly, we are growing people and connection - with each other and The Earth.  As the Program Director, I'd say that I'm the one who has benefitted the most from this grant so far.  It is one of the first grants we've received.  It has given me the opportunity to learn about the grant process, to lead more effectively, to truly experience working with an ever changing and diverse team of volunteers, to think creatively and solve problems on the fly, to leverage the resources of the grant so that we create the most yields for the most people, and has helped me make new friends from across the street and around the world.  Over the next few years, this garden will mature as a beautiful and tangible example to 20,000 market visitors each week (including hundreds of school children) of how a small urban space can be transformed into a productive and beautiful food forest garden.  Hopefully, it will inspire others to do the same - whether through Lots of Food or on their own.  Though your request is to focus the picture on one person and his/her story, I think to do so would not accurately portray the team that has made this garden a success.  Thank you, Kitchen Gardeners International and all of the sponsors, for this amazing opportunity to grow (myself and food).  ~ Patty Love and the entire Lots of Food Team

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