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Jun 30, 2014

The tire garden project implemented at God’s Golden Acre in Cato Ridge, South Africa, intended to help children learn about gardening, has been a great success!

God’s Golden Acre provides a loving home to children orphaned by the HIV/AIDs pandemic. Through the wonderful work of Heather Reynolds at God’s Golden Acre these children are being given a second chance at life!

Pictured here are two of the precious children that have been involved in the garden project sponsored by KGI, Amanda (left) and Sbo (right). These girls, along with all the children at the care center, are very excited to start planting vegetables! Many of the children can’t wait to grow their own spinach, beet root, and carrots, all favorites in a South African diet.

This garden project was aimed at teaching the children about the gardening process, recycling or up-cycling old tires, and bringing a bit of color into the lives of these children! While we are still in the process of getting our planting underway, the construction of tire planters is complete! A pending donation of growing soil has been offered, along with a course in gardening, which will be provided to the children through Gromor, a local organic supplies company!

The children are all very excited to watch their garden grow, while we are very excited to watch the children grow through this gardening experience!

Much thanks to Kitchen Gardeners International and the wonderful work they support!!!!

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