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Simple Benches Attract Garden Participation

Jun 24, 2014

         In our Appleton Roots Garden at Appleton Village School, we are using benches to welcome our students and community into our garden.  This is a great way to get a lesson started when we first bring kids outside.  The benches, which we built together with student help, are a natural draw as they provide clean and easy seating and create a defined learning space.  Instead of having students sprawl through the beds, grabbing tools and pushing each other for attention, they now head right to our benches and can sit and listen to directions and gardening lessons.  After a planting session, students can sit and appreciate their work and think about what they need to do next.

        Already, we have increased access to the garden for several grade levels because teachers have better control and more structure with their classes.  The benches have even created an outside classroom for other activities including reading, journaling and art projects.  We have one more community work session to finish building the rest of our garden furniture. We look forward to discovering the ways that these improvements will continue to encourage and invite more people and participants into our garden.

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